Chris Dunlap • CEO, Action Printech

“My father opened a quick printing company in April 1979. Times were tough, and he informed me I would need to quit my current part time job, and work for free to avoid family bankruptcy. Being 15 years old at the time, I felt it was an offer I couldn’t refuse!”

Sadly, Chris’s father (Perry Dunlap) had a massive heart attack only several years later, that left him unable to run the business.

“By necessity, I was forced to learn how to run a business as a teenager. At first I felt this was an unfair hardship, but in retrospect I had opportunities very few people my age could even dream of.”

Chris steered the company from “quick printer” to general “commercial printing” to it’s current status as a high tech “book printing”operation in the following 30+ years.

“It has been amazing to see the changes that have happened in this business! One thing however has remained entirely unchanged. It is still a people business! It takes quality people to produce a winning product, and strong relationships with customers to develop and craft solutions to the challenges that we all face in our workplace.”