Female Owned • Family Operated

Action Printech began as a storefront “quickprint” shop in Garden City, MI in 1979.

While involved in the family business as teenagers, Chris and Linda Dunlap as the “next generation” leadership, steered the company into growing horizons as a commercial book printer.

Linda Dunlap • President

Linda left a meteoric carrier in Health Care Finance where she worked with a major hospital group in Detroit, Michigan to first direct the financial health of the company (while raising a new generation of Dunlaps), to her current position as President of Action Printech.

“While I loved working in the structure of the corporate world, I have found an even greater appreciation in building a team in a small business environment. The satisfaction that comes from partnering with customers, and creating production teams to meet the challenge of those needs is more satisfying than I could ever find in the corporate world” Linda stated.

Chris Dunlap • Vice President

Chris’s people and business development skills were a harmonic fit with Linda’s structure and financial corporate experience.

“Initially, we were concerned about the potential pitfalls of being business partners as a married couple with 4 young children,” said Chris. “But, in time, we discovered our interests and skillset rarely overlapped, which meant confrontation or disagreement was, and is, rare. The things Linda thrives in, I am inherently weak in, and vice versa. The result, has been a great marriage AND a great working partnership.”

Chris, was Action Printech’s first employee, and is now the acting Vice President, responsible for business growth and development.