Our Story

Action Printech opened for business on April, 1979 as a “Big Red Q” quick printing franchise.

The company experienced steady growth for the first ten years and opened additional locations. While experiencing financial growth and success, our CEO Chris Dunlap did not enjoy the “retail” aspects of the quick print business model.

“One day I realized this was going to be my profession for life, and I evaluated the things that made coming into work exciting. Working together with commercial accounts to overcome challenges was the best part of my job. As such, I closed our multiple store fronts, and opened a new commercial location not open to retail business and never looked back!”

While producing many different kinds of commercial printing in the years that followed, book printing became more and more predominate.

As printing continued to evolve in the new century, it seemed like the “jack of all trades” printers were struggling more than those that found a niche and invested the time and resources necessary to excel.

Today, Action Printech has been growing rapidly by focusing on rapid turnaround in short and mid volume book printing.